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Starting cooperation

If You already have or You plan to open a landline or Internet shop of the intimate goods for adults,
we invite You to cooperation. Our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We offer:
V high quality products
V individual approach to each client
V wide range from leading manufacturers
V attractive pricing policy
V advice when choosing a range
V marketing support
V a flexible system of discounts and bonuses
V unloading of goods in XML format to CSV format and online and offline

We will also help you find the range for Your store.
Detailed conditions of cooperation You can discuss with Your personal Manager.

In order to begin cooperation:
- carefully fillin the registration form indicating therein the data of Your company;
- is tell us which shipping company You are working with;
- send us scanned copies of Your documents, if You have SP:
     - Certificate of INN
     - Certificate of OGRN
     - Passport: 1 page and registration page
     - Bank details
- send us scanned copies of Your documents, if You LLC:
     - Certificate of INN
     - Certificate of OGRN
     - Order on appointment of Director
     - A statement from the Legal address
     - Banking details.
These documents are necessary for registration of the Contract of sale.
The contract of sale is made "SOFTLAND" Russia, and will be sent to You with your first order.
After receiving the goods, please send us a mail of Russia signed the Contract and TRADE 12 (filled envelope attached).
Agree not to disclose information.

After positive verification of Your data,
at the indicated in the registration form the email address will be sent a password to access the service.
After receiving an e-mail password,
You can enter the store, using your email address as the username.