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Terms and conditions

General conditions

""SOFTLAND" Russia has a website, that provides the opportunity to make purchases, exclusively for business entities.

Due to the instability of the exchange rate,
the payment can be deferred for up to 2 weeks!
Customers who do not comply with the conditions of payment,
sending next order is made
only after 100% prepayment..

The price of the goods in the online store are quoted in rubles and include VAT.
Placing an order at our website, You agree to the following terms:

   The procedure of registering the customer and login:

1. Access to some features of the site (price, product availability, order), allowed only for registered users.
2. The service user may be an owner, employee or Trustee of the company - hereinafter "the Client".
3. In order to become a registered user, please fill Your details on the page: to register and to send them to us.
4. After positive verification of Your data, our staff at the specified in the registration form e-mail address will be sent a password to access the service.
5. To check the data specified by You during registration, our staff may contact You to request the provision of electronic copies of registration documents of Your company (for example, INN, OGRN, the register, passport).
6. After receiving an e-mail password, You can log on to the website, the username is the email address provided during registration.
7. After login, the client has access:
     - to view current product prices.
          Price highlighted in red is the price customer discount.
          Gray, crossed-out price is our base price (without discounts);
     - to view the availability status of products:
          green checkmark - the item is available,
          yellow exclamation mark - you have exceeded the available quantity in stock,
          red x - not available.
     - to the menu Personal area. You can edit Your data, but also have additional features:
     Address book
          (the ability to specify additional addresses for sending the goods),
     Download XML, CSV
          (you can view the XML file and download the CSV file, which You can use to import)
          (the ability to add items "on the note" to be a template for order)
     Promotions and discounts
          (can You look for current promotions and discounts).
     - the possibility of ordering on favorable terms.
8. To logout you must click "Logout" in the upper right corner of the page.

 Procedure of ordering:

1. Orders are accepted on the website
2. Orders placed on weekdays after 12:00, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays will be processed on the next working day.
3. In the event of circumstances that do not allow to proceed expeditiously to implement the order, the staff "SOFTLAND LTD" immediately notify the Customer.
4. The customer may amend the order or cancel the order by sending an e-mail to his Manager.
5. The client receives a copy of the order to the address (es) email(s) when registering.
6. The customer agrees to the price of the goods specified when ordering.
7. Invoice invoice and invoice are issued in printed form and sent to the client along with the cargo.
    When you first purchase a Contract of sale, signed
    an authorized employee of the LTD. "SOFTLAND," which is sent to the client along with the cargo.

Copies of the Consignment note (form TORG-12), invoices , Contracts of sale with the first purchase of goods , the Customer is obliged to return to LTD. "SOFTLAND" in the mail (fill in your postal envelope is sent with every shipment of goods).

8. The delivery takes up to 48 hours. This is the time that elapses from the order confirmation or receipt of money on account before sending the first batch of ordered goods.
     In special cases it may take longer , we will inform the customer individually.
     We inform You that at the time of receipt of the order and prior to shipment of the goods,
     performance is constantly monitored responsible for this process the staff "SOFTLAND" Russia.
9. We inform clients about the process of execution of orders, using e-mail, specified during registration.

Description of execution of orders:
  - "Your Order is accepted" - sent at the time of checkout on the website and reported that it had received a firm "SOFTLAND" Your order. The letter contains a copy of the order.
  - after collecting and packing goods arrange all necessary documents (CMR, invoices, bills, Certificates, Opinions, etc.).
  - the client receives an email with an Invoice of the ordered product.This letter informs the customer about the readiness for dispatch.
  - terms of payment and delivery of goods shall be determined in accordance with the Contract of sale.
  - to clarify various issues that may arise in the order fulfillment process, staff can quickly contact the Customer.

ATTENTION! Payment for the ordered goods is made in details and in accordance with the invoice. Our details you can see in the contact section