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Phone: +7 (910) 415-78-09
Skype: softru_irinat

Ирина В Контакте Facebook
Phone: +7 (968) 945-32-54
Skype: softru_alekseys

Phone: +7 (916) 207-00-44
Skype: softru_elenad

Елена В Контакте
Phone: +7 (916) 207-00-30
Skype: softru_mariaa

Мария В Контакте
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Our details:

Company name Society with limited liability "SOFTLAND"
Legal address 121471, Moscow, Petra Alekseeva str., 12
INN 7731468943
KPP 773101001
Bank name JSC "IŞBANK", Moscow
Current account (RUR) 40702810500010000631
BIC 044525624
Correspondent account 30101810945250000624
CEO Tereshko Irina


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