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If required, the replacement or refund of the goods purchased from the company LTD."SOFTLAND",

You will need to follow the following points:

1) Send an e-mail letter (in free form) on a replacement or refund of faulty goods, the letter should include the following information:
    a. Name of the organization (for legal entities)
    b. Full name (for individuals)
    c. Marking of goods (the exact name specified on the company's website)
    d. The nature of the defect (breakage of goods, the nonconformity of the goods stated in the order,
        the lack of spare parts included in the basic package of goods and etc.)
    e. Contact details of applicant (contact person, phone number, email address, Skype, etc.)
    f. To the letter, it is possible to attach a file with the image of the product and its defect (necessary in the interests of the person who said about the malfunction of the product, as in relation to each item submitted for substitution is examined to determine the cause of its failure and the occurrence of this defect, and the presence of images, in turn, will help early decision, and if necessary, reparations);

2) After the answer to the application Manager on work with clients and obtain the application number, for the replacement of the goods must follow the following provisions:
    a. The product to be Packed thereby keeping it a defect in original condition.
    b. The goods must be attached to the requisition number and the return label.
    c. The goods must be attached all accessories included with the item.
3) the Goods can be shipped by any transportation company operating on the territory of the Russian Federation (delivery of goods shall be at the applicant's expense, its cost can be reimbursed);
4) the replacement of the item (claim) is made within the period of 45 days from the date of dispatch of the goods;
6) the Goods that were in operation, and the victim fault in the course of its operation, as well as the goods that do not meet hygienic standards, can not be replaced.

"SOFTLAND" Russia brings his deepest apologies if You have received a quality product.